Monday, November 14, 2011

[Sewing] Pencil Skirt

I can never find pencil skirts that fit me. I blame basketball and all that running. It gave me giant thighs that don't really work with my hips. So in pre-made pencil skirts I tend to have this lumpy area where they meet. So a few weeks ago, I went to a sewing class on them.

I was a little disappointed that the sewing class was just using a Simplicity pattern but I did get to play with a serger! Now I really want a serger. Like, really really really want.

Having used the serger, I felt a lot better about wearing it to work:

Sorry for the lack of smiling and my hair already having been pulled back
 I'm gonna presume the compliments I got on it were genuine. ;) (I did take a picture smiling, but it was all sorts of fuzzy. Sorry!) I'm thinking on the next one to slim it down at the legs, but it was already pretty tight when I sat down. Thoughts?

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