Friday, November 18, 2011

[Embroidery] Christmas Towels

Time to start thinking about Christmas presents! As a part of my grandmothers' presents, I made them each a set of embroidered towels. Since I plan on actually giving them to them on Thanksgiving when they are here, I figured I could go ahead and post them. 

I love in-process embroidery pictures. 

 I picked up some nice but inexpensive towels from Walmart. They are sooooo soft. Then I embroidered one of each set with a snowflake and one of each set with a reindeer. I figure that covers Christmas and "winter". My mom is all about having just wintery Christmas decor so that she doesn't have to be in a rush to take it down.

Finished snowflake!
 I wasn't sure which stabilizer was best, so I just used tear-away. The designs are fairly simple (called scribbles at Urban Threads) so I wasn't really needing it to be STABLE.

Finished reindeer!
I think these are so cute!! Designs can be found at Urban Threads. Btw, they have a freebie I'll use later here. It's only free until Nov. 20, so grab it now!!! It's Thanksgiving themed!

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  1. Cute design, and thanks for the lead to Urbam designs!