Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Halloween} Witchy Jars

Or specimen jars, or apothecary jars. In my searching, I've found a lot of names. These aren't even all of them! I am trying to find labels for a few others.

This is gonna be mostly pictures. I'm still not quite finished. Some of the lids are still outside, post painting. And some I just haven't figured out what to put in them. 

Some are gonna be all glowy, so I'll fill them up later. Poison is gonna glow!

I had to print the labels twice after I realized the first time that my printer was running low on ink! Everything was blue!

Some labels are cleaner than others. Note how wrinkly "earth worms" is. Oh well, not gonna change it. 

So basically, I got the labels from, printed them out on sticker sheets. Then I cut them out, put them on bottles and filled up the bottles with various items. If it's liquid, it's also food coloring. 

I think the vampire blood is my favorite!

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