Monday, September 12, 2011

[Halloween] So Much Glitter!

So I get the feeling that Martha Stewart really really likes Halloween. I would have expected her to make cutesy stuff for kids. But no, Martha goes for creepy. Classy creepy, like pottery barn.

And unlike some of my halloweenie breathren, I like glitter on Halloween. That's right, it's all my fault that Target keeps coming out with glittered halloween. But my perspective is: with all the lights off, the glitter will catch what little light there is and draw attention to the creepy decor without having to have a spotlight.

Also, I'm a girl. And I love that commercial. Thus the post title. Zombies are cold-blooded too right? Like the dinosaurs.

So I saw this on Martha Stewart's site:
Martha Stewart

 I particularly like how the glitter makes them look kind of decayed. And like they might be being used by a mad scientist.

I like the darker color better. I believe it was called Pesto. It's not Martha Stewart glitter, although I've seen that it does better. The other color is mint. There was an in between color I thought I had gotten but didn't. Sadly. 

The mint looks more decayed I think though. When I bust open the halloween boxes and find the bones, I'll do some femurs and hands probably in the darker green. Oh and these are the cardboard looking skulls from Michael's that are 1.99. They were smaller, so they work better in the bell jar. 

And while we're on the subject: 

How creepy does Martha Stewart look holding a skull, with the "it's a good thing" face? 

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