Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Halloween] Back to being crafty

I did really well for a while, having everything all queued up to post. And then I got a pinched nerve in my arm and another in my shoulder and what feels like another one in my neck. I'm not sure if there's 2 going on right now, but it was hurting both at my shoulder and at my neck. Once the doc loaded me up with all the good meds, I definitely feel it hurting in 2 distinct places.

All that to say: I've only gotten back into a crafty mood recently, once I got the good drugs. Mom came up for an impromptu visit to help me, as it's kind of hard to wash all your dishes when you have a stabbing pain in your arm(s) every time you move it.She also helped me unload all the suitcases (from my labor day trip). All of this at least made me feel a little less like a slug that couldn't get off the couch.

This is about a 1/3 of the way through the boxes
So this weekend, I was a bit crafty. I made some additions to some projects and started work on a few more. I brought all the boxes/bins of halloween decor down from the attic (see, GOOD drugs). I took everything out of the boxes and took pictures of each item so I can update my database I run in Bento. Hopefully this will keep me from over buying, especially when things go on sale. And I found a bunch of stuff that allowed me to return a few things I had recently bought (like plastic vampire fangs).

My current chiller. I'm gonna add a second chamber to it.
Tonight, a couple friends are coming over to do a sort of trade, craft wise. I sew/embroidery, they cut down pvc pipe for me to aid in my fancier fog chiller. Here's the tutorial I used last year. Here's what I want to do this year.

I've also been busy making coffin treat boxes for the party, now that I finally found twine I like. Now that I've figured all that out, I was able to return the Wilton ones I bought at Joann's. Yay. (I forgot how sticky cricut mats are when you first open them.) Also, I'm going to use it to make some new images for the frames I don't want to take down.

Other updates:
More glitter!
So, in all my shuffling around, I realized that my house was getting covered in green glitter (see this post for why). I also found a few more bones in the tubs (I figured most were in the coffin...yeah, I have a pine box coffin in my garage, what of it?). This time, I used spray adhesive from Joann's. It worked MUCH BETTER. I got a lot better coverage on the glitter and it was significantly less messy. I also remembered to turn the ceiling fan off this time. After I got it all done, I stuck them in a leftover cardboard box and hit them really well with spray acrylic sealer. Last I checked them, glitter wasn't shaking off nearly as bad. I haven't put them back in their bell jar yet.

I have acquired quite a few apothecary jars.
I love apothecary jars. And one of the things I've wanted for a long time is a candy bar. I've always thought about it in terms of a wedding, but I realized it works for Halloween too. So I scavenged discount stores and random other places (kirkland's, hancock fabrics). So Saturday morning I put them all out on the table and started testing how much they could hold. Sunday's paper had a coupon for candy...so they are more filled currently. Knowing that my friends all go to some sort of gym, I am going to roll with the less aesthetically pleasing individually wrapped candy. That way, what they don't eat can go to trick or treaters!

Fixing up placemats
Another item found in the boxes were placemats I've had for a while that had had their backing come off. Good thing I had that spray adhesive sitting there.

When in doubt, paint it black.
I've been saving up jars for a while. But "pickles" aren't creepy. I guess they could be, if you really thought about it. But still, I sprayed the lids black. I think this box is my new painting box. Also, I'm beginning to feel weird that I don't have to go "oh, I should go get some black spray paint". I have so very much spray paint. And regular paint. And acrylic paint. Is there really a thing as too much paint?

All important spray adhesive.
Also, I found an earthenware skull cookie jar in my stash that I didn't remember buying. His lid was cracked, but he had painted cracks anyway. E-6000 and he's good as new and currently residing in my kitchen! See, I was busy prepping for Halloween!

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