Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Busy

The place that I buy a lot of the applique designs that my sister is quite fond of, Lynnie Pinnie, is having a CD sale. You get all the designs on the website.

And before my sister (or anyone else) gets the big idea that they can buy me the CD and then I shall be their embroidery workhorse in exchange, I counted. I already have 129 designs. So buying the CD would be greatly double dipping for me and just plain not worth it.

At least I'm thrifty. I rarely buy when there is no sale. Last time I got 34 designs/design sets for $15. I figure I'll be embroidering shirts until my niece is 8 or so. 7 more years!

In other news (I have no pictures yet), I have been doing ridiculous amounts of sewing, so expect pictures soon. And lots of prep work.
  • Made a tailcoat on Sunday and a vest to match on Monday. (Cursed garments I tell you.)
  • Made 113 more magnets with the cricut. More notes on that to come (learned a few things). 
  • started pinning the pleats for Katherine's skirt. I'm trying to pin one "finished" yard a day. Yay for rotary scissors. By my best guess, I need 9 finished yards to do the 3 layers. This is based on the thinking that the hoop is 140" around.Anyone know the formula to get the circumference of a slice of a cone? Geometry post?
  • bought the pleather for Ilythia's belt. And found all her jewelry + a little more (I'm sorry, the bracelet just looked like too much of something she would have).
Still left to do before Friday (oh God, it's already Tuesday!): 1 embroidered shirt, 1 shirt that's a little different, and curtains for my mother. If she would like to leave that dimension we talked about as a comment, that would be nice (hint hint). Maybe I should do a "how to comment" post for her sometime.

When I come back on Monday, I'll have more magnets and 2 bib necklaces to finish. At least it's all started.

So yep, busy.

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