Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Cricut Did I Get?

A few weeks ago I tweeted not sure if I should get the new Cricut,  a pretty aqua blue Expression, or an Imagine. The Imagines were actually cheaper than the new Cricuts, so it was quite the decision.

And if you follow my tweets, you know I'm not happy with FedEx and their delivery of my new addition. But I finally have it! I even had another issue with FedEx today, but at least I was finally able to get it.

Slight spoiler: it was ordered from, so that probably means I didn't get the aqua one...

TADA...look at it printed....right there....on the shipping box. I guess I should be glad my Fed Ex guy isn't fond of crafting. Or knows how much it cost. What really swayed me (I wasn't swayed solely by the color...GREEN) was the ability to save settings. And apparently it's getting wifi soon. But really, it's the settings. I fail at remembering them, so this should save some time. 

Overhead view of it in the box. Look at the cute tape! That tape proved kind of difficult at the angle I was working at. 

Unboxed contents. Having only previously had a baby bug, it's a lot bigger than I really pictured in my head. Only length wise though. It seemed (I didn't set them next to each other) significantly shorter than the Baby Bug. There are a few video unboxings out there, so I'll try to hit the high points of what I learned tonight.

Time to be making some more cupcake wrappers. And I FINALLY get to use Fit To Length (which is apparently the secret to them...cut at 8"). I also got to use the command to fill up the sheet. That's important for later. 

Okay, this threw me at first. Look at the previous picture and this one. Note that it automatically puts thing in the opposite corner to what you would be used to with the Baby Bug. I don't know if that's typical of expressions as well, but I had to stop it and restart. 

It has covers for all the ports and the screen (the middle one is the wifi apparently).

So remember how I said that I learned how to fill the page. Well, previously I had just done 2 of them and THEN used fit to length. This is how they turned out. REALLY small. I guess it doesn't work like that. So if you want more than 1 cupcake wrapper per page (which totally fit on 1 page of 8.5x11) select just the one, use fit to length, set it to cut at 8", then fill the page. I got 3 on a sheet. 

And here they are, all cut out and put away for later. 

I checked out the built in cartridges via the included handbooks. All the handbooks seems at least on Essentials...there are not as many designs. But I loved the American Alphabet and the cricut shapes in Cricut Decals. I don't like having to use the stylus. To me, that's not a touch's a tap screen as you are tapping with a stylus. But you can (particularly when you get ready to cut) just use your fingers with a bit of pressure behind them. 

Also made a few more things tonight and have the pictures of my adventures in gardening. I'm not sure if that's considering crafty...but it kind of felt like it. 

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  1. Great review. I think you'll enjoy your new Cricut. Makes me think I want to upgrade my old Cricut.