Thursday, June 23, 2011

"New" Dressform

This post may end up slightly TMI. You may not want to know the ins and outs of my measurements. However, I'll have to pony up some information to really explain my enthusiasm for my new sewing room addition.

As you've seen, I have a dress form already. It's an adjustable affair from Joann's that I got years ago not long after I moved to Huntsville while it was on sale. At the time, the hips measurement was too small, but if I went up a size, the rest would all be too big. Alas, the dress forms have the same problem as Express jeans: the butt is never big enough.

Add to that my yo-yoing weight. I've been gaining/losing weight yearly. Every year I make a trip to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend and I have yet to attend anywhere near the same weight twice.

Being a seamstress of mostly clothes, rather than quilts or cute projects, this is kind of a problem. LOTS of fittings. But I was flipping through magazine I got with my American Sewing Guild membership (courtesy of my aunt) and found a solution!!!

Well this doesn't look bad at all.

It's a set of pads and covers that allow you to make any dress form (not just their very expensive ones, which look amazing, but I cannot afford) look exactly like you. I got it today and went to town, hoping to handle it all by my lonesome. And success (I think).

Lookie! It comes with 2 covers, one has a side seam guide and another had center and princess seam guides. AWESOME. The pads look like pretty good quality. You're supposed to be able to pin into it all. But FYI, all I've done so far is put it on the dress form, I haven't really "used" it yet. But when I do, I will let you know how it goes.

It's supposed to work rather well for those who are sewing for a variety of people or ladies who will soon be pregnant. I didn't use all the pads, that made me feel a little better. The hips are a little weird and may need to be redone, as they don't seem quite smooth. But I'm okay with it as it is at the moment.

The side view may not be my most flattering. 
I am a little concerned that the cookie smell has not gone away. I don't even know, but that's what it smelled like when i got it out of the box.

It's from Fabulous Fit in case you want to check it out.

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