Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hand Sewing...

I did a lot of hand sewing last night. Hemmed stuff, put rick rack trim on a kimono (trust me, it looks okay).  And I did more fabric flowers. I counted stuff, I need about 200. I'm close to 100. There are about 8 spools left.

My BFF asked last night why I was making all these flowers. So I went to find a picture on here of them and couldn't. So forgive me if this was posted twice. But here are better versions of the flowered necklace. They really look significantly better (I think) when you add in the pearls and the lace. 

And now for the pink version: 

Little hidden butterfly. 

Close up of the flowers. 

One of the things I picked up 50% off at Michael's was a cute little handyman looking box that says "blossoms". It looks so cute holding all the flowers that are yet to be necklaces or clips.

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