Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay, a day late, but still pictures! Well, as many as could take before the battery ran out of my camera. Alas. 

Saturday I had to run to Hancock and pick up some snaps and more of the mint green cotton. Mom was up visiting me and asks "one of these days, when you don't have anything to sew, if that ever happens, I might like some pillows for the back deck." She acted like it was a major undertaking. I told her to go get pick out an outdoor fabric since it was on sale and then we would make them later on in the night. 

We searched based on her parameters and found this on clearance. $5/yard. We got 2 yards because I figured that was enough for her 4 pillow request. 

Time to cut. I got one of the pillows from my couch and measured it. It was about 20 inches. But that wouldn't work. But when I folded the fabric to make it easier to cut, I only had 19 inches to work with. I deemed this enough! Away I went with the rotary blade while my mom vacuumed my floors (I don't have a ton of carpet but I do have a broken dyson animal, white carpet, and a black furry companion. I think it was driving Mom a little nuts). 

8 19" squares! I pinned the layers, leaving an opening for the stuffing. By the time mom was done, so was I. 

Then it was on to tasks for my sister. Namely, an Easter Bunny shirt. I put Mom to work again, but for herself. I had the plan of making the bunny shirt while I finished her edges, but then realized baby clothes need super vigilant watching to keep them from getting caught. So, I gave the task to her. 

Wala! Finished pillowcase! I even ironed her seams. And I hate ironing. 

There was a fairly large strip of fabric left, partially by design. I debated what to do with it. The original plan was to put in piping, partially because it always looks cool and partially so I could use my piping foot and more or less impress my mom with what I could do in a single seam. But that would have left me with a very narrow strip left. I decided it was better used as a table runner. Had the embroidery machine not flipped out on me, I would have embroidery a big N on it. And I desperately scoured my fabric stash for a heavy enough fabric to edge it with, but that plan failed too. So she just has a plain table runner but at least it has mitered corners. 

Here's the next kimono top. It's not hemmed, has no obi, and I have to finish up the sleeves. But the base is done, altered to fit it's wearer, and the trim around the neck is done. WOO. 

It's coordinating skirt. It's not really accurate, but I didn't care at this point. I think the black portion is supposed to be at the bottom of the kimono, not at the top of the skirt, but I figured it was easier. Like the green skirt, it's 3 circle skirts. I also made a new green skirt, but NO JUICE IN THE BATTERIES. 

I really liked the skirt better without the black. It was softer and more feminine. At least I think it's possible to just fold over the black and wear it as such. It's a layer of lavender cotton under a layer of chiffon. In this instance the chiffon is longer than the cotton, the green is the reverse. All rolled hems. I love that foot!

So that's what I've been working on. 2 more skirts, another top, 4 pillow, a table runner, and a surprise. BUSY. 

I already took pictures of the surprise, I'll schedule the post to run Friday night after I've shown my mom.

One last thing of note: Martha Stewart's website suggested using vinyl decals on eggs to create white sports on them once you've dyed them, like a sticker essentially. But I figured that would be a great thing to use a cricut for.  Let me know if you do. 

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