Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Bit of Everything

Despite actively taking pictures on Saturday night while I worked on things for my mother, who was in town, I have yet to turn that into a post. Ugh, I think I've fallen out of the habit or something. Right now I'm averaging at every other week and I think there needs to be more. At least once a week. NEW GOAL.

EDIT: Ryan at Just a Guy Who Quilts has a notice about a closing sale at Fabric Flair you all might like. Spreading the world. 

Since the last post I've made another kimono-top thing, hemmed mine, tried valiantly to get the bias binding foot to work, tried valiantly to get my bias tape maker to work, made outdoor entertaining stuff for my mother, 2 skirts (soon to be 3), a bow, and 3 more hair pieces. So it's not like I've done nothing and ignored sewing. I guess I just get into a groove and forget to post.

And the sewing party that I mentioned involved VERY little sewing. A friend and I discussed some aspects and there was measuring and fittings, but that was about it. I'll try to get the webcam going one of these days.

I also tried to make an Easter shirt for my niece, but my machine had problems again. So rather than be all "here's how you do something", I'm gonna ask all of you. Here's the problem.

I have a Bernina 440QE with the embroidery module. The software (both Art Link and Art Design) are running on a windows laptop running Windows 7 that is reserved just for the sewing machine. Lately I haven't had any problems and it worked fabulously on the obi from the last post. But when I started it up to work on my neice's shirt, both Art Link and Art Design failed. The design window opened up just fine. I told it to write to the machine (for once I don't have to change a color). EC on PC starts up and the computer is black, the cords are black....but the design hasn't shown up and the embroidery arm hasn't made that "chu chunk" noise it typically makes.

This has happened before, but it was fixed by jiggling cables, which didn't help this time. So far I'm thinking the cables might be the crux of my problems with my machine. But does anyone else have any ideas? I need to get the 2nd obi finished.

In return for you help, I give you the reinstated: SHIBA INU PUPPY CAM. If you recall, I have a Shiba. And for those of you that know me, a neighbor stopped us on our walk the other day and remarked at how well behaved Ichi was because she had stopped and sat right down beside me. LITTLE CON ARTIST I TELL YOU. The actual quote was "best behaved Shiba I've ever seen". I guess I just somehow trained her to be on her best behavior when we're out in public. Now if we could get that going at the house.

At least she doesn't mess with fabric or scissors or pins. And she never tries to eat scraps or string from the floor. She actively avoids it all. I guess I could have a worse dog. But not if you ask my mother I'm sure.

I'll try to post pictures of everything that's been sewn tonight. Meanwhile, under the cut is a bunch of pictures of Ichi as she grew up. I stuck with "shiba puppy cam" ages and a grown up pic. That way you know the cuteness you're about to get yourself into. The puppies should be there until they are 8 weeks old. 

I think this was 2 weeks old.

3 weeks. (Yay for EXIF data.)

6 weeks.  

All grown up!

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