Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Crafting with My Peeps!

Sometimes plans change. And sometimes that means being able to see your not-quite-1-year-old niece crawl around in some grass, emulating a bunny ears and all, as her mother helps her "find" Easter Eggs. So, that's the new plan for the weekend. I've descended into the depths of my home town and shall soon be going further south for some egg-hunting, southern food eating, good times.

It occurred to me Monday that most of my dresses are more suitable for barbecues and crawfish boils (hello lobster dress!) but not suitable for Easter. Especially as the daughter of a minister (meaning, it HAS to hit my knees). I also haven't had an Easter dress for quite sometime. But sadly, Monday is too close to when I would have to depart for me to comfortably make one while working 40 hour weeks and spending hours at the gym.

And as previously stated, my neice's bunny shirt didn't go so well. But I think I figured out why. I really wanted to do something with the shirt for this trip home, but I ran out of time. So I wanted to make something, but what?

Sometimes it's nice to follow blogs because just when you're wondering, you remember about a post that would be perfect. Like this one. And since I went home this weekend or Easter, I get to take some nice outside pictures of them!

Now that it's done and I've shown my mom, let's see if my sister reads the blog. I followed the afore-linked post's template and bought the prescribed 1/2 yard of felt in pink and yellow. I have so much felt left though. You can do this on a 1/4 or even an 1/8 of a yard. And this was a total of 40 finished bunnies, so 80 cuts in total. 

It's a lot of bunnies. Took most of Wednesday night to cut them all out and sew the backs to the ribbons. 

Here they are, dangling on my suitcase before I pack them. And another tip: they say use a pencil eraser. I thought that looked too big while I was making them. But, if you'll note, the bigger eyes look better from a distance, so I guess it depends on their use.  And I have no idea how the author of the tutorial got her seams so perfect. I used the BSR again and I'm getting better, but mine are nowhere near that clean (but I doubt anyone will care).

The original picture (that I took better pictures because of) on my tv. I'm leaving it because a paragraph at the bottom makes no sense without it. ;)

Oh and while I was grabbing fabric at Hancock, I searched for the perfect pink, kind of shiny but not overly, possibly embroidered, drapey fabric for something. I was resigned to not having any embroidery on it and having to go with just a pretty pink. But then when all hope was lost, I turned and saw this...and it was on sale! It was 30% off, but I had a 50% off I got it for even less! (Green version on their website, for half off as well, don't know why.)

This is for a particular outfit for that geekier hobby of mine, specifically for September. We did hair and makeup tests while watching Game of Thrones Sunday. And no, it's not for game of thrones, but it is from something on a premium cable channel. Hint: TOGA TOGA TOGA. I'm quite excited about it. Thinking about a particular prop. I've been searching Etsy for the trim and may have found it, but it will cost me twice as much as the fabric did.

(And yes, that is Vampire Diaries on my tv last night. I love me some Vampire Diaries. I love the flashback episodes the most, so I was thrilled. You shall see how much soon; fabric has been found, I'm searching for lace and I think I might have found it on Etsy as well.)

More outdoor pictures!

The yellow ones are my favorite because the brown shows up so well. 

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