Monday, March 5, 2012

[costumes] Pictures from Connooga - Part 2

The most exciting costume for me at ConNooga was an updated version of Ilithyia from Spartacus. I didn't get to watch the latest episode until I got home, but that was okay. I had fun being all "don't you know that I'm married to a praeter" or "but I am the wife of the legatus". And I did get recognized a few times, which was awesome!!!!

We tried very hard to have no trains in the picture, I guess we failed.

So, updates to Ilithyia: new wig (obviously) and I added the back pieces of chiffon. Though I haven't actually lost any weight since the last time I wore it, I guess I've lost inches, as the belt no longer has the tension it needs for the hook and eye to stay closed. That and the placement of the chiffon will be changed before I wear it again (gonna rip out the seam between the brocade (evil, evil fabric!) and the trim and place it there). 

Ew! Keep that hand away from me! It reminds me of what a horrible, spoiled brat I am!

I'm up to nothing! Nothing I tell you!
 When people did recognize me, I would pull out the decayed hand from my bag and they would laugh. It's always nice being both appreciated and finding like minded individuals who enjoy the things you do!
We thought the gazebo like thing (which I'm not at all standing under) looked Romanish.

Hiding the fact that I'm cool with it now.
I told a friend I had this in store for the weekend and her response was "OMG I HATE HER". The reasons for her hating the character are pretty much my reasons for loving her. She's a spoiled brat and not a nice person at all. She's incredibly self serving. And so yeah, I would definitely not want her as a friend, but she's an interesting character who serves to move the secondardy plots well.

Before ConNooga, I seriously debated remaking this too. It works as is, but it's not nearly as gorgeous as the gowns on the show. They are just AMAZING. I ultimately decided that the evilness of the brocade should be left alone!

And if you aren't already watching Spartacus, you should! They've done a great job of keeping up with the Third Servile War.

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