Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Ready for an Event

I have highlighted a lot of the costumes and the way they are stored in my house, but not the process that goes through carting them somewhere. There's a reason I drive an SUV.

I have a convention coming up on Friday so I figured I would document the process a bit so you can understand why I pack a week early.

Reference Pictures

First thing's first, print reference pictures out to take with me. This also provides material for step 2:

 I'm REALLY forgetful. So I make lists for everything. Notebooks are stashed all over my house. I have devonthink, I have evernote, I have Things, I have Remember the Milk. Often, I forget to use them. :/

Since I will FREQUENTLY forget pieces of costumes, I rely heavily on lists. With that done, I move to:

Makeup test
I take a LOT of makeup with me as I don't always do this test beforehand. Last time I wore this particular costume, I didn't try so hard. But this time I've made adjustments, and I even wrote it all down!
 Each costume now has it's own garment bag, so that part is easy. But I also bought a garment steamer this weekend and OMG I'm in love! So everything got taken out and steamed. Shoes were added to the bag. The blue box are styled wigs. Sometimes more fit, but this time, only 2. Then the floral box is the emergency kit. And TOP HAT. I love that I own a top hat.

Inside the wig box.
 I think both of these wigs have so much hairspray on them that they would hold during a tornado. But I'm bringing the hairspray just in case. For those that aren't a part of this hobby, this doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to styled wigs. I can't do what some can. There are folks that are artists at it.

Top level of the emergency box
 Hairbrush, E-6000, jewelry for Ilithyia, zicam, fraycheck, measuring tapes, thread, needles, SAFETY PINS, scissors, lint brush, (not shown) bobby pins, hair ties.

Bottom layer
Double sided tape, downy wrinkle releaser (sometimes there's a line for the iron), pins, advil, pantyhose, deodarant, fashion tape, glue sticks, glue gun. Somewhere there's velcro. There's a reason why people seek me out on Day 0 with calls for scissors.

So that's about it. I'll load it all in the car and head to event. After I go all  OCD and double and triple check it all. Hopefully many pictures soon!

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