Monday, February 27, 2012

[costumes] Pictures from Connooga - Part 1

Connooga was fun. I met new folks, ate a lot of good food and wore several costumes that had previously only been worn once. WOO. I'm at least TRYING to keep my New Year's resolution even if I have bought more fabric and sewn things that may or may not have been on the list.

Parts of the Choo Choo are awesome and gorgeous, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures. 

This is Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. It's not Jackie Kennedy or a flight attendant from Pan Am, as I was asked many times.

Construction wise, I need to remake it. I draped it to get the pattern, made it, messed it up, remade it, gained weight, lost weight, and now it fits again. But it doesn't fit like it did, or at least now my sewing skills are better enough that I'm all "why does it pull weird there". Plus there are the button holes on the wrong side issue that you can't see in pictures thankfully. 

Dr. Girlfriend could be on a train, that could happen right?

And I had them, but the curse of "Katie forgets her gloves" continues on. Oh well! 

Just throwing in so I can be all "LOOK HOW LONG MY LEGS LOOK"

I can't quite remember what type of fabric it is, but if you look inside, the lining is in pink cotton with "left side", "right side" written on it because I lined it with the draped fabric. And I didn't know how to make a hat at the time, so that will have to be redone one day too because I liked wearing Dr. Girlfriend a lot. It was pretty comfy for a costume!

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