Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marble Magnets

I told you the snow was making me crazy. And look at me, doing a post every few days. Well, actually I usually make 2 at a time and schedule them!

Today, I'm gonna give you a glimpse into my Saturday evening (as the night was spent eating delicious honey butter croissants at Cheddars with friends!). I went a little nuts at Hobby Lobby and Michael's and picked up the marbles and a circle punch to make these:

Some were still drying when I took the picture, so they seem kind of foggy, but they all turned out pretty well! I made 197 of them if I'm remembering the count correctly. 

I can't find the blog that I got the idea from, though it's certainly not new. In fact, i felt very 70s doing it. Instructions are all over the internet, just google "marble magnets". 

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