Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Crafty

So the point of this blog is not simply to be a sewing blog, but to be an everything crafty blog. On that note, I'd still consider this a bit of sewing, but it's also a bit crafty.

Around New Years I bought/downloaded a set of patterns on etsy to make fabric flowers. I've since decided that the one that actually takes the most work is my favorite (maybe because I can replicate it the best). I made the bib necklace, but I'm still not sure if I like what I made. I tried to use stuff I already had in my stash. Luckily, pleather is one of those things...and boy do I have it. I've actually cut out enough to make 12 and still have enough brown pleather to make a pair of pants! Which is good because that's one of the things I bought it for.

So without further ado...fabric flowers galor!

This is the type I really like. I've put it on a hair comb. I think it looks best like that. 

This is 2 of the type above and one of a different type on a headband. And yes, I used a wig to take pictures. I was taking the pictures for a portfolio of sorts, so I thought it would look better on a wig instead of me. And I had no makeup on!

This is the aforementioned Bib Necklace. It's from scraps of satin I had on hand. Thus why it frays a bit. The flowers above were made with ribbon. I also used feathers (as they were relatively called for) and a butterfly charm. I made it, at first, to wear on New Year's Eve. Not that it looked like this then. I added the feathers later. But then I realized that i had picked my outfit around the new jewelry I got for Christmas. Silly me. 

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