Friday, January 7, 2011

Sewing Room Update and a Tutu

Well, I should be mostly done with the sewing room by the end of the weekend. All except the cutting table top which a coworker is making for me. Saturday the boys are moving my armoire and I'm cooking steak, corn on the cob, and okra for them and their wives/girlfriends/fiances in exchange.

But today was a major victory! After about a week of daily calling, Target finally had my shelves in stock. Last week they had them 20% off but ran out, so I got a rain check. I've been told something different every time I call and pretty much stopped paying attention and just calling every day. Finally today they had them. It took 3 hours to assemble the first one, but I'm still really excited!

This picture is taken from the sewing table/desk. It's the best view of the new bookcase!

 From another vantage point. I have another of that set of cubbies to put together and form the side supports of the cutting table. That one is also backwards. 

These are the green boxes from Ikea. Luckily they still have them because they are the best boxes for the patterns I've found. They aren't turned where I can see the numbers inside, but they are laying on their side so I can flip through them. I had them all nice and organized before, but I'm betting I'll have to redo it. 

Jars, jars, and more jars! There are 2 sizes of Mason jars, a set of jars tipped from Michael's and a set of smaller, magnetic tins from Michael's. I'm thinking about expanding this to a second shelf. 

Magazine files! Soon I hope to fill them with entirely different things because I'll finally get them all scanned. Yoshi is reminding you that I'm still a huge nerd. 

I think I mentioned here earlier that I got a shoe cubby that is holding my interfacing. This is it! It also holds fleece blankets come to find out!

This should give you an idea of the color scheme: green, blue and orange. The cubbies won't look like this, because I have exactly half as many bins as I have cubbies. But, like i said, I haven't built the other set yet. 

Look what fits on the shelves! This makes it worth spending the extra money to get the wider shelves in and of itself. 

And finally, I bought a few rolls of tulle from Hancock's the other day during their big sale to see if I liked making tutus. It was pretty easy (slip knots all the way around) and it does look cute. This is for my niece who is 6 months old as I write this! Hard to tell but it's pink, purple and white. And doesn't the orange wall look awesome as a backdrop! Too bad I don't think I'll have that much orange wall to showcase things when the other book case is in. 

Keep reading folks. I think my next post will be how to use a ruffler foot. Because they never seem to come with instructions. And I got it a month ago and have surprisingly not played with it yet. A certain 6 month old someone probably should have a cute orange and blue ruffled outfit!

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