Monday, January 3, 2011

New Sewing Room!

It only seems right to start off the content with progress pictures of my new sewing room/loft. Right?

My house has a big open loft area that had little purpose before now. Sure, it held the treadmill and the desktop computer, but beyond purpose. And I pretty much stopped using the treadmill consistently as soon as I moved it away from a tv and into the loft.

When I first moved into the house, the plan was to convert the walk in attic into a sewing room. But as time has gone by, I've realized how I have no NEED to do that yet. So I'm not gonna. But at the same time, my sewing needs have expanded beyond the spare bedroom's constraints. The loft provides more open space. And it forces me to keep it cleaner.

So here are the before pictures and some progress pictures. I've ordered bookshelves, pieces to form a craft/cutting table and fabric bins and am waiting on bits and pieces to come in.

So while I wait for all the furniture to arrive, I've been a busy girl getting everything organized and putting existing furniture into the right places.

 Fabric has taken the longest task. I'll show you how in a later post. But here's how it looked before (and some of my new fabric bins) I started folding.

And here's how it looks now! So much better. Actually, most of it isn't even in that bin anymore. As I get the rest organized I move the fabric into the fabric bins. I'm not completely done but I'm getting there. At least I'm finally done with folding it all.

Here's what my spare bedroom looks like. Yes, it's VERY blue. I took a cue from a picture I saw in a magazine that did everything in purple and orange and had white comforters. When I moved in, I made that my own with my existing daybed. Did I mention my alma mater's colors are orange and blue? 

I swear that had nothing to do with this paint choice. I just wanted a nice accent wall to show things off. It's a little brighter than I wanted, but it has no furniture on it yet, so I'm withholding judgement. For those not in the know, my favorite colors are orange, blue and green. FAVORITE being lime green. So I'm trying to dec it out in those colors. My bedroom is green, so now I have a room of each color! And this shows the beginning of the organization going on. And my new Accuquilt Go in on the wall. (Dear folks at Accuquilt, please send me dies to show off!)

See, I've moved some furniture. The odd thing is that this was the original position of the desk when it had my computer on it. I've got a new armoire that I painted green (and has been sitting in my garage for 6 months) that will house the computer on a non-orange wall. 

For good measure, here is how it looks from the attic door that you see in the other picture (taken from the stairs). See all the interfacing? SHOE RACK. It should fit nicely on top of some other cubbies and is from the same collection. 

And for good measure, this is my dog Ichi! She's a 3-year old Shiba Inu (in case you were wondering). She looks very unamused right? Bah, she's amused, I promise. Me being up and about in the upstairs means that I allow her to be up and about in the upstairs. What she's really unamused by is that I made her sit for a picture; my girl loves to run and play! I included this because she likes to sneak into pictures. You'll see later.

So there you go! That's my new sewing room in it's current form. Leave me comments with your thoughts. Oh, and if my speed of posting isn't enough for you, check out my twitter (link on the left). I'll post stuff to their as I do it.

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